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10 Essential Style Tips For You as a Man

Gentlemen, here are 10 essential style tips for you.

10 Essential Style Tips For You as a Man

Today’s post is about the style tips for Men to up their game and before we begin, I would like to add that these tips will add value to your overall appearance and enhance what you already have got going and also help form the laying of a solid foundation.

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  • Own at least one V neck t-shirt.It is important that you get the fitting right as it should not be too tight or too lose to make. They are perfect for a cool and casual look.
  • Invest in a good quality sweater.Now that the rainy season is upon us, a sweater will serve you with its versatility and functionality. It can be worn as it is or incorporated with a number of outfits to create different looks. They work well with casuals, formals, events and special occasions.
  • Rolled up shirt sleeves look smart and sexy.If you have not jumped on this smart and sexy train, you are missing out. It has undertones of formal wear with a confidence of style provided you roll them right.
  • Neutral colours and patterns are classic and safe.You need to throw away being fashion safe, take a little risk. experiment with colours and patterns, especially in your socks, ties and pocket squares. Also, try out some unusual cuff-links or lapel pins.
  • Coordinate your colours and patternsPlease experiment as much as you want but don’t do it all at once. Save something for the next time. Coordinate well to look sleek and stylish as overdoing something will kill your entire look.
  • Match metal with metal.Coordinate all your accessories like rings, watches, tie pins, bracelets and so on. It looks vulgar when these clashes.
  • Get your suit tailored.Nothing compares or beats a well-tailored suit as it speaks elegance, class and style.
  • When buying apparel of any kind, make sure they fit you right.Trousers, jeans, jackets, blazers, shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, suits and everything else that Men wear in clothing should be too tight or too lose. It should be just right and the perfect fit. It will not matter if the material is expensive or the cut is trendy unless you get the size right
  • Spending on a good watch is an investment.Watches, when picked right and coordinated well add character and depth to your look.
  • Sunglasses and frames should be according to your face shape.Stop following the latest trends blindly and pick something that enhances your face and features and also highlights your positives in a favourable manner.


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