10 Easy Ways To Be Unstressed in Few Minutes

Stress - The Devil Within

Ten things you can do right away, in just ten minutes or less — to feel more alive, more awake, and a more space to feel yourself again.


1. Take a bath

While a twenty-minute bath is awesome, just ten minutes of scented hot-water bliss can turn a day from ARGH to AHH. You understand what we mean? Make it really a hot one. Essential oils? Yes, please. where applicable, you can add a cup of sea salt.

2. Give your hands a break

Many of us carry tension in our hands. Mine used feel like claws some days. Take a break and massage your hands yourself, or get someone else to. Yummy.

3. Drink water

If you condition yourself to drink a nice big glass every time you feel a little stressed, your body will thank you AND you will be getting your 8 daily glasses easier than you thought. Especially if you are feeling particularly stressed.

4. Laugh

Have a pillow fight with your partner or someone you love so much. Get your 5-year old to tell you a very simple funny joke. See what is new in Nigeria comedy industry. Laughter do open things up and would moves energy through your body.

5. Get moving

Gentle yoga-style stretches. A quick walk around the neighborhood. Simple breathing exercise. Your breath always moves energy through the body and enlivens all your organ system. They then get more strength by working perfectly for your body while moving.

6. Have a nap

A quick 10-minute excessive power-nap and nighty-night helps you recharge your body quickly and more efficiently.

7. Get a hug

Or give one. Free hugs for everyone!

8. Get scentual

Put on an essential oil or spritz it in your room. Try grapefruit and peppermint flavor as they are great pick-me-ups.

9. Acupoints

Firm pressure at three points on the body helps alleviate stress quickly.

  • Crease of inner wrist, in a line with pinky finger.
  • Middle finger, just above top edge of fingernail.
  • Sole of foot, in instep just forward of heel pad.

10. Phone a friend

A quick (how are you) call would help you to connect to the outside world, puts your life into perspective, and helps you feel enlivened and awakened. Plus it makes your friend feel very good and lifted, knowing fully you thought enough to call to say hello to them. this alone is a great way to up your day.

Now over to you! What do you do to un-stress? Put it in the comment box.



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