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10 Dishes You Must Try if You are Ever in Uganda

If you’ve booked your flight to Uganda or you are planning to, here are 10 dishes you should try when you get there.

10 Dishes You Must Try if You are Ever in Uganda

Uganda cuisine is the kind that deepens your appreciation for this beautiful country. Even though various Ugandan tribes have their own special dishes, Ugandan food consists overall of starch like potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava and cornmeal mixtures. Greens, plantains, bananas and peanuts also make up a major part of the Ugandan diet.

If you are planning to visit Uganda, you must try any of the following dishes.

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  1. Ugandan Curried CabbageThis curried cabbage dish can only be loved. It is a flavorful Ugandan food with a bit of an Indian cuisine twist. It involves shredded cabbage steamed in a pot of cooked onions, carrots, green peppers, tomatoes, garlic, ginger and curry powder. It can be enjoyed by itself or as a side dish.
  2. NseneneThis popular snack can only be gotten during the rainy season. Before being fried in the grasshoppers’ natural oils, the insects’ wings and legs are removed. You may see some market and roadside vendors selling the grasshoppers in plastic tubs that you can buy and fry yourself.
  3. ChickennatIf you want a hearty, satisfying meal, this food you must definitely try. This dish is made by cooking cut chicken pieces in a stew pot with onions, chicken stock, seasonings, and a peanut butter paste. Once it is finished cooking, it is usually served with rice or posho.
  4. Sim Sim CookiesSim-sim cookies are a dessert made with sesame seeds instead of peanuts. Sim-sim cookies are made by heating sesame seeds and sugar or honey until a paste is formed. The mixture is then poured out onto a flat surface to cool and then sliced into squares. 10 Dishes You Must Try if You are Ever in Uganda
  5. Ugandan Egg RollIn Uganda, an egg roll consists of a hard-boiled egg that is hidden inside a ball of mashed potatoes and then golden-fried in cooking oil. This delicious food can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or as a side dish.
  6. MandaziThis is basically fried bread that is sweetened with coconut milk and shaped into circles or triangles. Sometimes, sugar and cinnamon are added as well. It can be eaten by itself or by dipping it in tea, juice or fruit dip. Mandazi Uganda
  7. ChalokoChaloko is a traditional Uganda food dish that is made with pinto beans, green peppers, tomatoes, and red or purple onions.
  8. TV ChickenA savoury Ugandan food that is popular among college students and the younger generation is TV chicken and it called so because it is roasted in an oven that resembles a television. It is usually for sale at various roadside stalls and restaurants alike, often served with salads or smoked bananas.
  9. MatokeIt is said that you can’t leave Uganda without trying out its national dish. Matoke is a banana variety that is considered more of a plantain. Ugandans take the green, unripe ones and steam them while still unpeeled. Occasionally, matoke is fried with tomatoes and onions.
  10. MuchomoMuchomo is a tasty Uganda food that includes various meats and is barbecued on a stick and is often accompanied by roasted sweet plantains.


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