10 Cutest Ways to Say ‘I LOVE YOU’ and Win Her Heart.

Being in love is an intoxicating feeling. But it can be terrible thing if the feeling is not mutual or cannot be expressed by one party.

The latter of this scenario is mostly experienced by boys and it can get really frustrating.

However, there are now many ways through which a boy can express his true feelings to the girl he desires and loves.

Telling a girl that you love her can sometimes be awkward if not properly done. And also, saying the words ‘I love you’ to a girl wouldn’t mean anything to her without you backing this up with actions that may help win her over. This article is to suggest a few ways to show a girl that you love her.

  • By being confident:

No girl likes a guy who isn’t sure of himself. Build up that self-confidence to walk up to her and tell her how you feel. Mind you, this doesn’t mean you get over confident and display arrogance instead as this will surely turn her off. Find that self-confidence to walk up to her and introduce yourself (if you hadn’t previously done that) or tell her how you really feel about her.

  • Be tender and understanding with her:

Give her the classic princess treatment. No girl would refuse the chance to be spoiled silly by affection and care. Talk to her with passion showing her you care even when you’re not totally sure yourself. It will make her feel special and loved.

  • Pay attention to her anytime you are around her.

Take note of the little details and try not to forget the important things she tells you about. It’s important to communicate in a relationship. Communication makes your love-life warm and creates room for deeper affection. Hold each other’s hands and share details about your days’ events and even minor details.

  • Always listen to her.

Be ready to engage her in conversation and lend a listening ear to her. Do not end up doing all the talking, find a way to get her involved in the conversation and listen to her. Being a good listener has its share of rewards, rather than argue and fight it’s a better way to get details about occurrences. It helps to reduce tension and builds intimacy.

  • Be generous with your partner.

Generosity is very good for relationships. When partners are generous it builds intimacy and creates room for more intensity in the relationship. Spend more time on showing each other you careand be committed to proving that in deeds like in words. Be prepared to give one another 100 percent without holding back.

  • Be Creative – Give gifts

Little incentives count,surprise one with gifts. This will help spice up your relationship and cause your love life to be on a high. Showing love doesn’t always mean spending extravagantly, it means exploring and trying out creative new ideas together.  Be creative; give each other gifts that you know would melt the heart, though it may not be expensive, make it count.

  • Always complement one another.

Complimenting your partner will help one another develop more confidence and greater self-esteem. Try to avoid talking when you feel intense, but strive to also communicate with love and complement one another in the process. It will develop the way you both express love to each other.

  • Be Persistent

Be persistent in your attempts to get her. Show her you love her repeatedly without really putting pressure on her. Stick around but be calm, be consistent and try to tell her friends how much you love her, this has worked in a lot of relationships.

  • Try dates

Rather give her time to get to know you more. Be romantic with her, take out her on dates to special places. Pick interesting venue and find some quiet time to talk to her heart-to-heart during or after the date.

Getting the girl you love to realize that you actually are in love with her must not always be done with words. Your actions, gestures and expressions when with her alone can pass the message through to her and make her realize what is starring at her in the face. So don’t depend on only words today, make your move and show her that you love her with your actions too.


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