10 Crazy Things We Do When We Start Crushing on Someone

Developing a crush on someone can lead you to do things that you can never imagine. When you start to crush on someone, you will do any of the following:

  1. Over-assuming

You’re sure he loves you because he liked your new post on Instagram.


  1. Over-thinking conversations

You’ll start to over-think every single message he sends to you. Just a ‘hi’ message and you’re probably wondering if he’s also into you.

  1. Analyzing every situation

You’ll start to analyze every single word your crush says or sends. Your crush compliments the shoe you’re putting on and you’re already planning where you’ll spend the next vacation with him as a couple!


  1. Checking your phone every second

You’ve suddenly develop the habit of checking your phone every second, expecting to receive a text or call from your crush. That moment, the time will seem slower than normal.

  1. Stuttering when he talks to you

You’ll become speechless when your crush talks to you. You’ll lose your composure and start to prattle.


  1. Trying to look gorgeous on a day you’re sure you’ll see your crush

You’ll spend extra time, trying to appear gorgeous for your crush to appreciate your look. It will turn out to be a bad day when you and crush eventually do not meet up.

  1. Stalking becomes your second job

You’ll do proper research about him and his family, check his old posts on social media, know every detail of him to the extent that you know his mom travelled to see her aunt in Ibadan last month. You’ll probably know so much about him, more than he does about himself!


  1. Weird imagination creeps in

You’ll start to imagine your life with him in five years time, married with two kids. You’ll plan your marriage in your head and picture both of you spending your old age together.

  1. Telling your friends about him

Your friends are probably tired of listening to stories about him. You’re having a normal conversation but you suddenly chip in a question like, ‘He smiled at me when he greeted yesterday. Do you think he likes me too?’

  1. Going crazy when you receive a text from him

Your phone buzzes and you check your notification. Voila! It might be your crush who texted. You jump in excitement and unlock your phone, only to realize that it is from someone else.

Which of these are you guilty of? Let’s know in the comments section!




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