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10 Coolest Disney Moms Of All Time

10 Coolest Disney Moms Of All Time

Moms are simply the best. They love us unconditionally and are ever willing to make the ultimate sacrifices. In this list, we’ll be covering the top 10 coolest Disney moms of all time.

These disney moms stand out for the unconditional love, fierceness, and bravery they exhibit all for the best interest of their children.

Here are the top ten coolest Disney moms of all time

10. Duchess – The Aristocats

Duchess maintains her resolve to protect her kittens even after they have been kidnapped and abandoned in a faraway land from home. In the end she manages to expose the man who kidnapped them, while keeping her kittens safe. Not to mention, the manner in which she trains her kittens to be well-mannered, thereby upholding their “Aristocat” status.

9. Sarabi – The Lion King

Although Sarabi we didn’t get to see much of Sarabi in The Lion King, there’s no denying that she was a great Disney mom nonetheless. Like Mufasa, she loves Simba and is ready do all it takes to protect the kingdom. In fact, she managed to keep the Pride Lands together even under Scar’s evil reign and when Simba had deserted the land.

8. Mrs. Jumbo – Dumbo

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Mrs. Jumbo is always looking out for her son, shielding him from other elephants who try to ridicule him. Even when she is separated from her boy, she still maintains a strong relationship him. In the end they reunite and enjoy a good life together.

7. Perdita –  101 Dalmatians

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Pertida is a mom to 15 puppies and she’s a great one at that! She proves a mother’s love knows no bounds when she embarks on a long journey to rescue her lost puppies from the evil Cruella de Vil, who want to turn them into fur coats. She does not only rescue them but has no problem adopting 84 more puppies.

6. Kanga – Winnie the Pooh

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Kanga’s influence is not just felt by her son Roo but by all the other creatures in the Hundred Acre Wood. She is a great mother figure to them, offering words of wisdom and protecting them when the need arises.

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5. Queen Elinor – Brave

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Queen Elinor wants what’s best for her children and she is willing to ensure that her daughter Merida conforms to the rules of being a princess even if it means adopting disciplinary measures. As a result, her and Merida are always at loggerheads. After Elinor undergoes a dramatic magical transitioning from a majestic queen to a bear, she learns the hard way to accept and love her daughter for who she is.

4. Mrs. Potts – Beauty and The Beast

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Despite the fact that Mrs. Potts and her son were transformed into anthropomorphic tea pots, she remains optimistic that one day they’ll regain their human state once again. She’s also fierce and has no problem defending herself and those she loves when trouble come knocking.

3. Helen Parr (Elastigirl) – The Incredibles

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Physically strong, adaptable, and authentic, Helen Parr is the ultimate super mom. In addition to having super powers, Helen Parr also has to deal children who have super powers of their own as well as a husband who neglects his family. And she does all these while saving the world.

2. Kala – Tarzan

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Kala stands out from others on this list for not only for being able to raise a child that is not hers but also a child that is of an entirely different species. She also possesses admirable qualities such as patience and forgiveness unlike her husband, Kerchak, who is vindictive towards Tarzan. Kala’s loves Tarzan unconditionally as all mothers should.

1. Eudora – The Princess & The Frog

10 Coolest Disney Moms Of All Time

Perhaps the fact that Oprah Winfrey voiced Eudora is what makes the character remarkable. Eudora teaches her daughter to strive towards success but also knows that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” She also emphasizes on putting family first and always keeps a level-head in tough situations. In simple terms, she’s the definition of a balanced mother who never loses focus on what’s most important in life . She tops this list for her ideal motherly qualities.

Which Disney mom is your best? Tell us in the comment section below.


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