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10 Coolest Disney Dads Of All Time

10 Coolest Disney Dads Of All Time

Over the years, Disney has depicted what true fatherhood means through some of its characters. Whether it is their firm resolve to protect their children at any cost or simply their quirkiness, these Disney dads have been amazing nonetheless and are great examples for fathers around the world.

Here are Disney’s top coolest dads of all time

Mufasa – Lion King

Of course, the King of the Pride Lands has to top the list of Disney’s coolest dads! Mufasa exudes the power, wisdom and compassion of the ideal dad. He knows when to be stern and also when to have a good laugh with Simba. He ultimately loses his life protecting his son from imminent death yet his fatherly influence can still be felt from the grave. In the end, the advice he gives Simba at an early age inspires him to return home and reclaim his father’s lost kingdom. The fact that Mufasa’s death is still one of the saddest in any Disney cartoon proves how much of a wonderful father he was.

Marlin – Finding Nemo

After losing his wife and virtually all his children, Marlin is forced to protect the one child he has left. As a result of this, he is quite overprotective of Nemo and never wants him out of his sight. Yet, he experiences his worst nightmare when Nemo is stolen from him. He faces his fears and confronts many obstacles in the quest to find his son. At a point when most parents would give up, Marlin remains resilient, overcomes his fears and eventually reunites with Nemo. Call him overprotective but his love for his son knows no bounds.

Fa Zhou – Mulan

In a time when women are not allowed the same rights as men, Fa Zhou treats his daughter with admirable respect. Although he and Mulan have their fights, he shows he’s the ultimate dad when he welcomes her home with compassion.. She comes home thinking she has disappointed him but he proves otherwise and tells her, “the greatest gift and honor is having you for a daughter.”*

Goofy – A Goofy Movie

As his name suggests, Goofy is indeed a “goofy” dad! He loves his son just too much that he treats him like a child even when he is a teenager. His son, Max Goof, is ashamed of him due to his dorky nature. Yet, he is determined to re-establish the happy relationship he once had with his son. Goofy eventually bonds with his son and earns his respect by helping him achieve his dreams. It is not every father that would go out of his way to sneak you into the stage with your favourite celebrity!

Pongo – 101 Dalmatians

While taking care of just one child is no easy feat, Pongo is a dad to 15 children. He doesn’t think twice about adopting 84 more children and still he has no problem being a great dad. Pongo makes this list because of his admirable patience and the lengths at which he goes to save his 99 puppies from becoming fur coats.

Bob Parr(Mr. Incredible) – The Incredibles 

Initially, Bob Parr is so caught up with his aspirations of saving the world and doing incredible things that he neglects his family. Later on, he learns that family is everything and admits his mistakes. Eventually he emerges as not just a superhero but a great father as well.

Maurice – Beauty and the Beast

Maurice is another father who supports his daughter even when women are discouraged from seeking knowledge. He is an inventor who is always in search for ways to better the life of his daughter. Even though he makes some wrong choices and is quite a goofy father, he does everything in devotion to his own daughter.

Zeus – Hercules 

Zeus was the proudest father when Hercules was born but unfortunately, that happiness was short-lived when Hercules was stolen from him and turned into a demigod. Even though he had been separated from his son, he still looked out for Hercules and gave him fatherly words of encouragement to help him regain his god status.


Geppetto –  Pinocchio 

Geppetto was the happiest man alive when he found out his creation, Pinocchio, had come to life. Although, Pinocchio is not his real son, Geppetto treats him like any regular father would his son. Eventually, when Pinocchio strays too far, he does everything he can to find him, literally putting his life in danger.

King Triton – Little Mermaid

At first, King Triton comes across as an ill-tempered brute who doesn’t want his mermaid daughter to have anything to do with humans. He is so overbearing that he punishes her when she disobeys him. Is he too harsh? Yes, but he does everything out of his genuine love for Ariel. In the end, Triton realises his mistakes, sacrifices himself for Ariel, and allows her marry the human prince she loves dearly.



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