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10 Commandments of Dressing For The Office

Here re 10 commandments every Female worker should adhere to.

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Do not let it come as a shock to you that dressing for the office has Commandments. In order to understand this post really well, Check out the previous post here

These are rules on what not to wear to work and what you should we wearing instead. These 10 commandments are for working Ladies. We know Men just need Shirt and Trousers all week.

  1. Thou shall embrace colours: You are only exempted if your profession is that of a Lawyer and you show up in Court, all day, all week for twelve months. If not, please embrace the colours, mix them up.
  2. Thou shall be wrinkle free: In simpler terms, Iron your clothes or take them to a laundry mart. Do not even dare use the excuse of no light or no iron abeg. Showing up at work, crisp and clean is the way to go.
  3. Thou shall not wear anything that is see-through: You are going to the office, not a hangout. Keep the see throughs aside and stick to clothing that covers the body in its entirety. That should not be so hard.
  4. Thou shall have flats on hand: We know you love your heels and they are to die for but please, have a pair of flats underneath your desk just in case of emergencies.
  5. Thou shall not wear a questionably short item: We all agree that it’s an office/workplace. So let us also agree that the definition of short is slightly below the knees, not above.
  6. Thou shall stick to clean cut Denim: Unless of course your office has an informal setting or there are certain days you are allowed to dress informal, please stick to clean cut for your Jeans.
  7. Thou shall balance Casual Pieces with professional ones: Because it is a workplace, we have to balance our choice of clothing. So on days where you want or feel like wearing a Jean, please throw in a blazer to balance it out.
  8. Thou shall have a just in case uniform: A just in case uniform is the emergency outfit. It is usually at the office and it is worn only in the case of an emergency
  9. Thou shall plan your outfit a Night before: This cannot be overemphasized. Plan what you want to wear the next day, a day before. This will help save time in the morning.
  10. Thou shall not wear anything your boss would not wear: This is self-explanatory, to be honest. Look at your boss or your female direct head and see what she wears, it will help guide you on the right path.


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