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10 Celebrities You’d Never Guess Struggle With Shyness

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Celebrities make a living by being in the public eye. They perform before large crowds and grant a lot of interviews. Hence, it fits the narrative that they would be naturally outgoing and lively individuals.

This is not the case, however. There are a large number of celebrities who have admitted to being shy.

While some of the celebrities on this list have exhibited the signs of shyness in some of their interview and performances, there are others whose introversion would come as a shock due to their otherwise bubbly personalities.

Here are 10 celebrities who have admitted to being shy:

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Ed Sheeran

Perhaps it is not entirely a surprise that Ed Sheeran, a man who blushed while singing his melodious acoustic version of Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” can be shy especially when it comes to women.

He once said in an interview, “I am the worst with women, I am awful. I’m just awkward — I can’t start up conversations, I can choose a girl and make them my friend easily. But choosing a girl and making them my girlfriend is a bit difficult.”

Zayn Malik

Former One Direction singer Zayn Malik has revealed people often misunderstand him due to his shy nature. He admitted, “I think my reserved personality is sometimes taken the wrong way and that’s why people just perceive me as a bad boy whereas I’m actually just a little bit shy and awkward.”

Kristen Stewart

The Twilight Saga star Kristen Stewart who has been known to appear uncomfortable in interviews is quite an introverted and private person. Talking about her shyness, she said, “In real life, I’m very shy. I feel uncomfortable during interviews because I need to talk about myself.”

Explaining the reason for her shyness, she said, “But to talk about yourself, you have to know who you are. When it comes to that, I think there are still a lot of things I need to discover about myself.”

Lady Gaga

“I don’t really meet that many other artists because I’m actually kinda shy. I might not be shy with people that I know but with people that I don’t know I am very shy,” Lady Gaga reportedly admitted in an interview. “I generally really keep to myself and I am focused on my music. But when I do meet people that I have lots in common with it goes really well. I always feel shy in the Hollywood scene. I feel a bit like I did in high school, like I don’t really fit in,” she said.

Kayne West

Kayne West is probably one of the most controversial celebrities due to his blunt nature. Yet, his wife, Kim Kardashian once disclosed he is actually a shy person.

“Ye is actually much more soft-spoken in his personal life. He’s so shy, he’s so shy, swear to God! I am way more outspoken than he is. Way more. He’s so shy.” she said.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has acted in a good number of films where he portrayed loud and witty characters but in real life, the Pirates of the Caribbean star is more reserved than expected. “I’m f*ckin’ shy, man,” Depp candidly disclosed in an interview. “I’m living, in a sense, like a fugitive. I don’t like to be in social situations— it’s fine for me in a weird way, having to run and hide. Less and less, I have the opportunity to observe, because I’m the one being observed.”

Janet Jackson

No one would have thought the pop star who is known for delivering outstanding stage performances just like her older brother, Michael Jackson, struggles with shyness until she revealed it in an interview. The “Made For Now” singer attributed her shyness to living a sheltered life while growing up.

“I’m shy, although I’m not shy with my friends and family. I was sheltered, and there’s good and bad to that. The good was not getting into the drugs and the alcohol and the really sorry stuff, and the bad was finally coming out into the real world and trying to deal with it, which was hard for me. My first time dealing with all that was when I was on Fame and when I got married.” she said.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian once revealed she is not as outgoing as the media portrays her to be. “I’m the girl who’s too shy to dance in a nightclub,” she said, “The real Kim is very shy and reserved and not outspoken and loud like everybody assumes she is.”

Ariana Grande

Singer Ariana Grande has confessed she gets anxious before walking the red carpet.

“I always get super anxious before these kinds of things, just because it’s so nerve-wracking … I’m still not the best on the red carpet, that’s something I’ll still working on,” she said.

Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand has always been candid about her stage fright. In the prime of her career, she once forgot the lyrics to some of her hit songs while performing on stage due to her crippling stage fright. In an interview, she told “The Late, Late Show” host James Corden how she still dreads performing on stage but has to do it to please her fans.

“I don’t enjoy it. … I just don’t want to disappoint people.” She added that before hitting the stage, she repeats the mantra, “Let go let God” in order to feel less anxious.


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