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10 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Related

10 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Related

Hollywood is one huge industry and thus it should come as no surprise that a couple of actors are in fact related.

Here are 10 Hollywood actors you never knew were related.

Jessica Capshaw and Steven Spielberg

Jessica who played the role of D Arizona Robbins on the hit V series Gey’s Anatomy is, in fact, the daughter of Kate Capshaw, best-known as Willie Scott in one of the Indiana Jones movies and the step-daughter of ace director Steven Spielberg.

Christian Bale and Gloria Steinem

Bale who is best known for playing the iconic role of Batman is in fact related to one of the world’s leading feminists. Steinem was married to Christian’s dad, David Bale in 2000 and was Christian’s stepmother for three years until the marriage ended.

Jason Sudeikis and George Wendt

Both actors have the uncle and nephew relationship. Sudeikis’s mother is George’s sister.

Brandy, Ray J, and Snoop Dog

It is no news that singer and actress Brandy and Ray J are brother and sister, but what many do not know is that both are also first cousins with legendary rapper and actor Snoop Dogg.

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Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson

10 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Related

The Fifty Shades actress is, in fact, one actor with famous parents. Dakota’s dad is actor Don Johnson and her mum is Melanie Griffith. Dakota shares a very close relationship with her mum which the media has documented over the years.

Julia Roberts and Emma Roberts

The Pretty Woman actress is, in fact, an aunt to actress Emma Roberts. Emma is the daughter of Eric Roberts, Julia’s brother.

Quincy Jones and Rashida Jones

The ace music icon is the father of actress Rashida Jones. Rashida who directed a documentary on her dad titled ‘Quincy’ in 2018 told Forbes about what led to this decision. In her words;

“We were at a party and Jane Rosenthal, co-founder of the Tribeca Film Festival] said: ‘We need to make a documentary about your dad and you need to direct it.’ I had the most non-party reaction: I said, ‘F*ck!’,” she remembers. “I immediately felt this weight [to work] on it.”

Melissa McCarthy and Jenny McCarthy

10 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Related

Jenny starred in a sitcom back in the 90s, and in no time helped her older cousin Melissa snag her first TV role as a guest actress on the same show. Both have since gone on to establish successful careers for themselves. This bring out to the topic “10 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Related”

Liev Schreiber and Pablo Schreiber

Pablo who plays the character of “Pornstache” on Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black, is the half-brother of 49-year-old Liev. The brothers have the same father.

Alexander and Stellan Skarsgard

10 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Related

This is a father-son relationship and both have successful careers in Hollywood starring in hit shows such as Good Will Hunting (Stellan) and HBO’s True Blood.


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