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10 Celebrities you did not Know are Gay or Bisexual

10 Celebrities you did not Know are Gay or Bisexual

With more celebrities coming out theer are a few many are unware are actually either gay or bi.

Here are 10 celebrities you probably do not know are gay or bisexual.

Drew Barrymore

10 Celebrities you did not Know are Gay or Bisexual

The hollywood actress came out as bisexual in 2003. Drew who has been married three times, to Jeremy Thomas, Tom Green and Will Kopelman in an interview with Contact Music said;  “Do I like women sexually? Yeah, I do. Totally. I have always considered myself bisexual.”

Kate McKinnon

The actress is the first lesbian member of the Saturday Night Live cast. According to Kate, she realised she was a lesbian after watching Gillian Anderson as Scully on the X-Files.

“I figured it out by watching The X-Files and by noticing my physiological reaction to it,” she said.

“I thought at first my physiological reaction was a product of David Duchovny’s face but no, it was Gillian Anderson-who still is the queen of my heart. So I knew then.”

Amandla Stenberg

The Hate You Give actress Amandla came out as bisexual via a series of Snaps back in 2016.

Speaking on minorities being “silenced” Amandla said: “As someone who identifies as a black bisexual woman I’ve been through it, and it hurts and it’s awkward and it’s uncomfortable.”

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has for a very long time being open about her bisexuality.

Speaking to Jane magazine, she said: “They’re right to think that about me because I’m the person most likely to sleep with my female fans. I genuinely love other women. And I think they know that.”

Amber Heard

Actress Amber Heard has for a long time being vocal about her bisexuality for years. Amber who was married to actor Johnny Depp was once quoted as saying being married to Johnny Depp doesn’t define her sexuality.

She has since divorced the actor.

Wentworth Miller

The Prison Break star came out as gay back in 2013. Miller made his sexuality known after he refused to attend a Russian film festival.

Ellen Page

10 Celebrities you did not Know are Gay or Bisexual

The actress came out as gay via an ncredibly moving speech at the Human Rights Campaign back in 2014. According to Page, she was “tired of lying by omission”.


Fergie came out as bisexual in 2009. The Black Eyed Peas star who married Josh Duchamel, told the Sun: “Put it this way, I’ve experimented definitely, but I have never had a steady girlfriend.”

Anna Paquin

The True Blood star confirmed she is bisexual in 2010. In 2012 Paquin said that bisexuality is “just part of who I am”.


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