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10 Benefits of Being in a Relationship        

For Your Partner and You.

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Being in a relationship has its perks and though it may be completely different from your experiences of being single, it seeks to be a more enlightening experience.

Here are 10 benefits of being in a relationship:

Less Prone to Stress

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Being in a healthy relationship ensures you less stress because there is a mutual understanding and communication between you and your partner. Your partner acts as your stress reliever on days you’re having a tantrums. They tend to cheer you up and can be the listening ear you need when you need to pour your feeling out about your day at work.

Honest Opinions

Your partner will always have your best interest at heart, and in so doing will most likely give you their honest opinions about your character, relationship with people or even when you give a particular attitude you’re not aware of.


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Although being single can be great, being in a relationship can really help to discover your potentials, personality, interests and abilities. It puts you in a position to see them work not just for you, but for your partner as well. This also is the time to tell if you are compatible with each other as a couple.


One of the most important virtues in a relationship is humility. Being in a relationship helps to build humility in a person through forgiveness, willing to admit faults and compromise. Being able to say sorry to each other to maintain the spark and end unnecessary conflicts.


Sometimes you approach a line of thought with one perspective in mind, being in a relationship widens this perspective as your partner shares their views with you, thus, you are able to have a wider picture of the entire scenario. Being open minded is key to a harmonious relationship.

Bigger Family Circle

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Being in a committed relationship helps widen the circle of friends and family, because, your family gets introduced to theirs and new friendship and relationships build thanks to you.

True-Love Discovery

Being in a healthy relationship helps you discover the meaning of true love and sacrifice which are a main ingredient to a long lasting and strong relationship. Plus you learn that unconditional love is being able to offer without having the mindset of taking anything away.

Patience and Understanding

Not everyone that comes together to build a relationship, usually comes from the same background, social status, religion and even political point of view. Relationships teach you to be patient with your partner and over time you begin to understanding their values from a their own perspective.

Confidence and Security

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When you have a partner who supports you and encourages you to be better, you have this confidence and raise in self-esteem and self-worth. When they believe in your goals and are willing to go the extra mile to see them come through, it only serve to push you further to achieving them.


Happy hormones are released when you’re with someone you love and appreciate. This hormones helps to refresh you. When you see your partners loving face after a hard day, their presence always assures you that its only going to get better because you have them.


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