10 Amazing Facts about the Human Body

What do you know about the Human Body?

Our body is one amazingly cool thing we humans are blessed with. Every now and then, people discover new mind blowing things about the body and I’m pretty sure there is still so much more that we do not yet know.

I know over time, you may have heard some things about the body but here are some amazing facts I believe aren’t so popular about our bodies;

  1. Everyone is about 1cm taller in the mornings than at nights. This is due to the fact that or movement during the day time causes some cartilage in the bones to become compressed.

  1. There is something actually called the “Tongue Print” and it is unique to every individual. I guess we should be looking forward to “tongue print” locked phones in future eh?

  1. Our bodies are Biolumiscent. This mean that we actually produce light just that our eyes are too weak to see it. Maybe aliens use it to recognize us?

  1. The Brain intentionally ignores a lot of things for our comfort. For example, we always see our nose but the brain filters that out to help us focus on other things. Also, we never stop hearing; the brain only ignores the sound while we are asleep.

  1. The brain has no pain receptor so it actually feels no pain.

  1. Stomach Acid can dissolve metals. The only reason why it doesn’t burn through our bellies is that the stomach cells get renewed faster they die.

  1. The Brain is sometimes more active when you are asleep than when you are awake. Does this mean I should sleep more to make my brain more active?

  1. The taste nerve is actually in the ear. Well, it passes through the middle ear.

  1. Babies do not shed tears till they are at least one month old. They only see in black and white when they are born too.

  1. So everyone probably knows that the body is 75% water. But did you know that 80% of the human brain is water? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Have you heard any other amazing fact about the body? Feel free to tell us in the comment section.



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